"I am currently recording a new solo record where I play and sing all the parts on the album (guitars, bass, violins, mandolin, drums, etc.)  Check out the newest singles including "If It's A Hit" (featuring Caitlin Krisko of The Broadcast) on the music players above for samples of what to expect!  In my other musical projects, we have released our debut Zansa album, and an E.P. project with Tiny Boxes. Also, there are links to some of my past works and the Charity Compilation I produced for Mended Heart Records in 2011 which raised $3,000 for charity.  AS ALWAYS, MEGA-THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!"

MW Albums (Original Compositions)

"Matt Williams: First Light" (2001)
"Matt Williams: Particles - Volume I" (2007)
"Matt Williams: Your Last Make-Believe" (2005)
"Ladies & Gentlemen... Matt Williams LIVE" (2002)

This early solo loop-sampling double-disc live album was never released digitally, but physical copies are available on request.
Request a PayPal purchase via email

Request a PayPal purchase via email

Collaborative Albums and Appearances

"Zansa: Djansa" (2013)

"Various Artists: Independent No. 1's, Vol.5" (2015)

"Tiny Boxes: Tiny E.P." (2012)
"Zansa: Chant De Soumu" (Single - 2014)

"Various Artists: MHR's Compilation for Charity" (2011)

"HotPoint Trio: Holiday Swing" (2014)