Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer, Producer

Affiliated projects:
Matt Williams (Solo), Royal Suits (Pop/Variety),
Zansa (Afropop/World), HotPoint Trio (Gypsy Jazz/Swing)...

Multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer, Matt Williams, reaches listeners of all tastes with his unique approach to making music. Composing and singing for several completely different bands while performing as a guest regularly with others, Matt is one of the most engaging artists in his region. Equally astonishing in a variety of styles on violin, guitar, mandolin, bass, lap-steel, drums/percussion, and voice; Williams is as deep musically as he is compositionally.

Some of his most notable achievements include several collaborations with Secret Agent 23 Skidoo earning him recognition as a Featured Artist and a writing credit on the Grammy Award-Winning album "Infinity Plus One" (2017), a 2015 Grammy Nomination as both a Featured Artist and Recording/Audio Engineer, and a Grammy Certificate for his contribution as Recording/Audio Engineer on the Grammy Award-Winning compilation album, "All About Bullies... Big And Small" (2012).  In addition, Matt has made appearances on dozens of independent and collaborative albums and is planning to release his fifth solo record in the next year!


Photo by KMG*Photography

Photo by KMG*Photography


"Cocoon" is the newest single from MW's forthcoming solo album.  There are more pre-released songs on the music page!

Revisiting the production roots of his first two solo studio records, Matt is playing and singing everything you will hear on his next solo release with the exception of a few guest appearances from friends.  The forthcoming album will blend intuitive songwriting and astonishing musical technique alongside powerful modern production.  Elements of Hip-Hop, Rock, Fusion Jazz, RnB, Soul and even Bluegrass are combining in the studio one song at a time and will be available one-by-one throughout the recording process.  Stay tuned!